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Kevlar (aramid)composite aluminum fireproof cloth

1)Can be tested in a high temperature environment of 1650degrees Celsius for one minute, silver fireproof aluminum foil cloth canreflect at least 90% of the heat radiation energy.
2)composition:Aramid aluminum foil cloth is made of aluminum foil and aramidcloth, pre-oxidized silk cloth, flame-retardant cotton gauze, glass fiber clothand other materials to form a high-temperature fire-resistant insulationblanket;

3)width :Up to 1.5 meters.
 4)It can be cut and processed into theshape and size required by users, and can be dyed into other colors accordingto user requirements.
5)Characteristics: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,waterproof, easy to bend, fireproof, flame retardant and heat insulation. Long-termtemperature resistance -40 ° C ~ 400 ° C.
Instant temperature resistance up to 1200 °C.
6)Application:  mainly used for fireproofand heat insulation protection of high-temperature area lines, pipelines andspecial-shaped parts in automobile and special high-temperature industries;

 production oflabor insurance products and overalls for special high-temperature andopen-fire operations;
Used to make fire suits, aprons, gloves;
7)  Long-term working temperature 343 degrees Celsius
  Short-term maximum temperature 538 degrees Celsius
  Good flame retardancy
  Good wear resistance
  Good Flexibility
  Water resistant, oil resistant

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