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Silicone glass fiber high temperature heat resistant blanket

1The heat-resistantblanket is a high-temperature resistant fiber that is designed to block weldsplatters and to block radiant heat and flame.

2)made of glass fibercloth as the base and coated with a special material of iron oxide red silicagel.
Since the heat-resistant blanket has sufficient thickness and weight, it issufficient as a high-temperature welding work protection blanket or as asplash-resistant forging work blanket.
3)Available in widths from 915 mm to 1525 mm. It can be sewn and made into anyshape.
4)The base glass fiber is subjected to continuous temperature: 598 ° C, and thedouble-coated silicone is subjected to continuous temperature: 260 ° C.

Features: oil-proof, waterproof, protection for a widerange of uses

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