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Adhesive Spray for Embroidery

Adhesive Spray for Embroidery 
TEM №:  GA401  
It's made by imported micromolecule synthetic polymer, super adhesive resin, antioxidant
Specially designed for the computerized embroidery industry
It is super adhesive, colorless, tasteless and formalin-free
It can constant plastering in 20 minutes in order to ensure the allocation operation of the multi-head embroidery machine in enough time
The thin pore pressure sprayer which is imported can spray out the mist glue
And spraying widely, equality spraying-grain,no infiltration and glue economization
It can match up to the 3M Multipopose adhesive spray
It can be applied for the stickup with paper, textiles,metal foils, cloth materials, paperboards, softwood films, foam glue,glass fiber
It is friendly to environment and human body, constantly adhesive, convenient and low infiltration
Because the rich thickness, the best result will be reached if it is used in adhesive wool weaving products and materials with thick fibers
It is applied in the embroidery industry for sticking the wool, good effect with thick density fiber
Specification: 500G/PC 24 pieces per box

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