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Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric. 100%polyester, 100%viscose, any proporation of polyester & viscose, PA/PU laminate-cover/basic fabric  
TEM №:  NW501A    
1. Generation Line: imported from Germany, Italy, China
2. Raw material: high quality imported and domestic rayon, polyester, woodpulp and polypropolene
3. Characteristic: uniform webform, high tensile strength, clear opacity, apertures,
   breathability and softness to the touch, can be customerized specifications
3. Weight: 30 - 250 g/m2
5. Width : 10 - 250 cm
6. Color, design, emboss: various for optional or customerized
7. Finish: water repellent, oil repellent, hydrophilic, repeated-penetration, flame   
   retardant, aging resistant, antistatic, super mellow, and special compounded
8. Application: 
    -- All kinds of PVC, PU synthetic leather carrier webs, shoe lining, dermis base cloth, 
        flocking base cloth, filtering material and garment lining, ect.
    -- Medical gauze, operating gown and hat, mask, medical cloth, and other disposable 
        medical textile.
    -- Various of absorption duster cloth, wipes, wet hand towel fabric, protective fabric,
       baby diaper hand towel fabric and other disposal sanitary products. 
    -- finish product, magic towel, wet tissue and other travel sanitary product. 

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