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Needle punched nonwoven fabric

Needle punched nonwoven fabric  
TEM №:  FBC-003    
Article: Needle punched nonwoven fabric
Composition: 30%viscose, 70%polyester ( the rate of viscose/polyester available:  0/100, 10/90, 20/80, 30/70, 40/60, 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 100/0)
Weight: 130gsm (80-400gsm available)
Size: 38x38cm, 38x40cm, 30x40cm, etc.
Width: within 2.4meters
Color: Orange, yellow, pink, blue, green, red,white, etc.
Packing: 1. Individual packing: 1/4 folded, 3pcs put into a color polybag or clear polybag with a color paper or with a printed cardboard header.
 2. bulk packing. no folding, 250pcs/clear polybag or 500pcs/carton.
 3. Customized packing or make-to-order. Pack as customer's special needs.
Features: 1. Super water and oil absorbent. Can hold 10 times over liquid than itself.
2. Multi-purpose. You can use on different surfaces. To wash the dishes, wiping the dust or spill on the table, furniture, window, floor, applicance, cars. Dry the pets after bath. etc.
 3. Machine washable. Easy to clean and dry. 
 4. Reusable and long lasting. You can use it for over 50times. 
5. Multi-color. Different colors are available to meet different markets' need.
 6. Logo printed service provided. We can print your own logo onto the cloth to promote  and enhance your brand's fame in your maket.
7. High quality packing. Our top quality packing can make your products more attractive and more valuable.
Usage: Industrial and domestic cleaning kitchens, restaurants, food, general cleaning and so on 

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