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release time:2017/8/17 16:00:11

  G&F has developed a serious new product of interlining and non-woven fabrics base on the strong technical strength and continually research and development. So far G&F has own the mature production technology and produce high quality of hair interlining, resin interlining, pocket interlining and water jet-loom interlining and so on, these interlining can be used in front panel, inner piping, collar, shoulder, back panel,pocket, pocket flap, waist belt, wrist, armhole. Considering the precision requirements from customers, G&F also produce environmental-friendly non-woven fabrics for disposable medical articles and non-woven bags, these products are wide used in health, medical protective textiles,  civilian cleaning cloths and other industries.

  In addition,in order to help our customers to pursuit beauty, we also provide different kinds of garment accessories, such as thread, zipper and lace,every customer can find what they need in G&F.